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Marketing Process

Create Account

Inform Staff

List Deal

Gain Customers

1. Create Account

First create a Merchant Account within the Paid 2 Save Platform. This process is completely free, and gives complete control to the merchant. Choose what information to display, including social media and websites.

2. Inform Staff

Inform the staff on the procedure when a customer comes in with a deal posted by the merchant. This will include the option of recording the unique deal code given on the app.

3. List Deal

You will want to list 2 types of offers on our mobile app:

  1. An entricing one time offer to attract new customers. These offers can only be used one time per mobile phone so you will want to make them attractive. Examples: Buy 1 and get 1 Free. Buy 1 and get 1 half off. Your offer needs to be at least 25% off the normal price.
  2. An ongoing offer that keeps customers coming back. Attractive offers of 20% - 50% off will generate more business but the only requirement is that the offer be at least 10% off the normal price.

4. Gain Customers

This step is the easiest and most enjoyable! The deals do the work and bring the customers from all over; just reap the benefits!